“We will be turning dirt really soon.”
– Joren Bass, AIA

Your plans are a pleasure to review. Well drawn…clear. Rare. Cheers!
– Andrew, Plans Reviewer, Lane County

The goal of my warehouse conversion project was pure nuts and bolts functionality; convert 4 open warehouse units into one 6000 square foot commercial production bakery.  Working with Will and his team on this project was a true pleasure.  Will is intuitive, collaborative, very easy to communicate with and has the team to get any project completed smoothly, professionally and done well.  They were very responsive to unforeseen hurdles the building threw at us, and were quick to handle the challenges.  I absolutely recommend Will and his services for any project, and really look forward to tapping into his aesthetic sense for a future pet project.
– David O’Grady, The Bread Stop Bakery

I have worked with Will Dixon and his associates for almost 20 years.  It has been my experience that Will and associates are very good at finding that little something to make a client’s project unique and stand out.  They work great as a team with all those who are involved in a project, from the client, to the engineer, to the contractor, as well as getting all the team members to work well together.
- Adam Clough, P.E., S.E.

Working with Will and his team was a great experience, as they were able to turn my ideas into practical plans with prompt professionalism.
– Ryan Rogers

Will’s knowledge of architecture and land use has been an asset as we (explored) the economic development opportunities in our neighborhood and the increasing numbers of land use applications. Will is easy to work with, shows up on time, and is willing to do the work that needs to be done. He is interested in the various aspects of the neighborhood: the social well-being, the environmental status, and safety of our neighbors. It is good to work with someone who is well educated and thoughtful.
– Carleen Reilly and Jon Belcher, River Road Community Organization past Co-Chairs

We found working with Will Dixon to be a delight; he very carefully integrated our wishes into his designs and made sure we understood all the little details. We highly recommend Will as a conscientious and creative architect, a kind man, and an involved community activist. He also has great assistants working in the office with him; everything about our building process went smoothly.
– Robin and Mark

So, how do you replace a unique, one-of-a-kind home that burned to the ground? You interview Will Dixon and his crew and have them come out and "walk the land.” Will Dixon “got it.” He got the land and he got my concept. Then he made both of them better. He gave me my four sided covered porch, huge deck, Tulikivi fireplace and a gourmet kitchen… then he modernized everything using high southern facing windows, a garage door between the dining room and deck and metal cladding in strategic places. The end result is this: I got exactly what I asked for, just better. My contractor said it best, “This is a very unique home, but everything is functional.” If you are looking for an architect who listens, and contributes... Will Dixon is your guy.
— David Pippenger

Our kitchen has been functional for more than a week. I am just really slow in resupplying it. I still have some shelves to put liner down on, and the cabinetmaker is going to make some more shelves–when it fits in his schedule. I am also taking my time so items for various tasks are located together for efficient usage. The contractor and his workers came over today and did some final work and even nailed up some of the old cupboards in the garage. They have gone the extra mile for us again and again. I can’t tell you how pleased we are with them. Besides that, we agree on political matters–very cordial. I gave him a check for final payment, and they were extremely reasonable. I kept asking, “Did you include the extra painting and putting up the cupboards?” and he replied that it was all included.
— Carleen and Tom Reilly

You were great to work with; I think we were on the same page from the start. We had some rough ideas about the house but you really helped us visualize them better. You then integrated these smoothly with your own original ideas to produce the house drawings. Overall, the process was very orderly and timely and of course we are psyched about our house; it is everything we could’ve asked for. We still have all the original drawings from the initial sketches through the final plan. I think they make a nice souvenir and are fun to go through to relive the process occasionally.
— Blake and Tab Andrews

Will Dixon worked with us to build out our office space upstairs in the Balzhiser Hubbard Building, formerly the Eugene Public Library. Will took the basics of what we wanted for our office, worked with us through several versions, expanded and challenged our thinking, helping us to see the potential in a space that was literally an empty shell when we first saw it. The result is we get to come to work in an environment that is one of the best designed and beautifully finished offices in the Eugene area. Our experience in working with Will was very positive. He listened to our needs and wants, kept us well informed, and was a great liaison with the contractors involved. Will also recommended an interior designer to collaborate with, whose work perfectly complimented the initial vision and final design of our project. Will gets our highest recommendation for professionalism, thoughtfulness, vision and talent.
— Mande May and David Bonebrake

Will has been an invaluable resource for us. We communicate frequently on projects at all phases of construction; I find him very easy to work with, quite knowledgeable, and he understands how the entire design\build process works. What makes Will a pleasure to work with is his ability to take others’ expertise and know-how and apply it into his design. The give and take between designer and builder is necessary for a project to be successful, and Will excels at this.
— Jen Carroll, Peoples Natural Construction

The first word that comes to mind when I think of working with Will is ease. This was my first building project and Will made me feel comfortable in this new realm; he always took the time to explain my options and the language of building to me. Will was very receptive to exploring ideas of aesthetic and functional design with me and drew out many variations of the plans before coming to a final decision. I now have a beautiful light-filled studio to work in where there was once an empty lot, and I am very happy!
— Sophia Dixon Dillo, artist

I have worked with Will on a number of challenging and unique projects over the past few years. I can say that his level of professionalism along with his ability to create exceptional designs makes him a pleasure to work with. If you are looking for an architect that is great to work with and excels at turning your dreams into reality call on Will.
— Michael Jon Drinkwater, P.E.

Working with Will to design the 500sf addition to our home was a very positive experience. We presented Will with a very long and diverse list of functions the new space “must” perform, and he intently listened and considered all of our needs while observing our lifestyle and deftly creating the space we needed. We believe Will has designed a space that will serve our family for years to come.
— Colleen Forbes and Mike Neubeck

Thank you for the plans and for being so wonderful to work with. You were just what you said you would be and more. You, Travis and the rest were just great! We will be inviting you all out to see it when done. We will also be sure to send anyone we have opportunity to talk with your way.
— Nanette and Mark
“We came to a new realization .. of what tremendous importance architecture is upon the human psyche – how your surroundings do so much to influence your feelings (and even thoughts perhaps) and can so strongly influence the way you go about this matter of living. F.L. Wright defined space in such a way as to ennoble human life, it seems to me – It would seem harder to carry one’s small self into those gracious spaces which inspire a human life of feeling (openness) and depth.” ~ Trudy Dixon